February 25, 2013 |

State AP Scores Rise Along With Participation Rate

More Washington students are taking and passing Advanced Placement exams, according to a national report released today.

The College Board’s ninth annual “AP Report to the Nation” shows that 20,581 Washington students (or 32.8 percent) in the class of 2012 took at least one AP exam. That number represents an increase of 1,276 (6.6 percent) from 2011 and 12,068 (62.5 percent) from 2002.

Not only did participation increase again this year, so did scores. In 2012, 20.0 percent of Washington’s 12th graders scored a three or greater – a score that generally qualifies for college credit – on an AP test. In 2011, 18.4 percent of students scored a three or greater; in 2002, 9.6 percent.

The 10.4 percentage-point increase in the past 10 years ranks Washington eighth among all states. The national average for the same period was 7.9 percent.

“We’re seeing great results all over the state,” said Randy Dorn, state superintendent. “More students are taking AP tests, and more are passing them. And that’s helping them be prepared for college and career.”

Compared to 2011 results, the number of test takers and college-ready scores increased for all subgroups:

· American Indian/Alaska native (participation +5.3 percent, college-ready scores +26.0 percent)

· Asian/Asian American/Pacific Islander (participation +7.1 percent, college-ready scores +9.5 percent)

· Black/African American (participation +8.5 percent, college-ready scores +6.9 percent)

· Hispanic/Latino (participation +8.3 percent, college-ready scores +14.5 percent)

· White (participation +6.2 percent, college-ready scores +7.0 percent)

“Our students are up for the challenge,” said Barb Dittrich, supervisor for the AP program at the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. “AP courses and exams are rigorous. Our teachers are doing a great job of helping students succeed at this high level.”

AP exams, which are offered in 34 subjects, are given each May and are scored on a scale from one to five. The most popular AP exams for Washington’s class of 2012 were (in order): English language, U.S. history, English literature, calculus AB, U.S. government and politics, world history, biology, statistics, chemistry and psychology.

Washington ranked 15th in the nation with the greatest number of 12th graders (20.0 percent) scoring three or greater on AP exams – Maryland was first at 29.6 percent. The national average was 19.5 percent.

For more information and to view the “AP Report to the Nation,” including state-by-state results, please visit www.collegeboard.com/apreport.

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