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By Lisa Finley
The Father’s House 



March 19, 2013

You know it’s time for spring cleaning when you actually hope it will be cloudy when guests are coming to visit so that the sun won’t reveal your dirty windows. Isn’t it amazing what a little soap and water will do when combined with a little elbow grease?

However, there is a different purpose for soap. The letters are used to abbreviate a powerful style of journaling. S stands for Scripture, reading a short passage from the Bible. O represents Observation in which one notes a particular point that stands out. A is for Application, when you write down how that observation can be applied to your personal life and situation, Finally the P stands for a written Prayer to God to help the learning you have experienced become reality in your life.

Our church congregation began SOAP journaling this past January and it has had amazing spiritual results.

God’s Word is active and alive, and many have seen their lives benefitted by the leading of the Holy Spirit’s guidance through this process. Some have set aside time weekly to meet with one another to journal together and strengthen each other’s faith.

Speaking of soap, my friend recently shared a funny story with me. She was attempting to plunge a toilet but to no avail. Her son came in and confessed he had put soap down it. Her worries eased as she thought surely the soap would dissolve in time. He then went onto expound that he had actually thrown the soap dispenser in. That was a completely different problem that would require a plumber!

Truth is there are some problems we can solve by ourselves; others not. The assistance we often need is not found in a manual. It’s found in the pages of God’s Word. It’s the Q & A source that will never need a revision or sequel. Take time to journal and see how your life’s issues work out with the Lord’s mentorship. It is truly one of the best investments of your time. May the windows of your soul shine!

“I love the Lord, for He heard my voice; He heard my cry for mercy. Because He turned His ear to me, I will call on Him as long as I live.” Psalm 116:1


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