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By Pam Stevens
Managing Editor 

Father and son take the ride of a lifetime


March 19, 2013

Dan and Zach Hornung have really enjoyed riding bikes together for the last eight years and with this being Zach’s last year at home before he graduates from LSHS in June and goes off to college, these rides have brought on a special meaning.

The pair have been riding since Zach was only 10 years old and have included rides from the Seattle to Portland, or the STP, the Tour de Blast which goes up to Mount St. Helens and the RSVP which travels from Seattle to Vancouver, B.C., just to name a few.

In the last few years the two have traveled hundreds of miles together.

They are preparing to add another 2,700 miles this summer riding the Tour Divide, which travels along the Continental Divide from Banff, Canada to Mexico. “These rides have been great Father and son take the ride of a lifetimeto spend time together, watching Zach grow as a cyclist, “ Dan said. “Now I look forward to spending two months together.”

“He is thrilled that Zach wants to do this adventure with his dad and believes it’s a chance of a lifetime,” Mom Chris Hornung said. Zach has enjoyed the time together as well and is looking forward to spending two months with his dad riding through three different countries.

“It’s been good except when Dad yells at me for going too fast,” Zach said.

As a graduation gift before Zach heads to Western Washington University in the fall, Dan is taking two months off of work to fulfill Zach’s dream of completing in this ride.

“The Tour Divide is set up to be a race down the Continental Divide but they are going to make it a ride,” Chris explained. “They have met four other people from around the United States who are planning to leave the same day.”

The two will hit cities and towns all over the west including Banff, Alberta, Canada where they will head to Antelope Wells, New Mexico which is right on the border of Mexico. Their ride will take them up 220,000 feet of elevation gain which is equivalent to climbing Mt. Everest seven times.

They will be finished in August in just enough time for Zach to take a small rest and head to school in Bellingham.


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