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Students hold CAMP IN to help homeless


March 26, 2013

Last month Volunteers of America (VOA) held a CAMP in for students who wanted to help in the fight against homelessness. Eight students from Lake Stevens joined in the county-wide event which gave teenagers a chance to experience a little of what it’s like to be homeless and hungry.

They slept in sleeping bags on the floor of a makeshift “homeless shelter” and ate in a “soup kitchen,” where they were each given a bowl of soup, a roll, and a cup of water.

After dinner, the students received character cards and had to assume that identity. They visited booths, where, depending on their character’s needs, they had to secure medical treatment, find food, get alcohol or drug counseling, etc.

“The goal of the service booths was actually to frustrate the participants by forcing them to tell their story over and over again, wait for services that weren’t available, and experience some of the many barriers people have to face when they’re homeless,” said Sharon Paskewitz, Director of Housing and Transitional Services at VOA.

CAMP-IN was designed to raise awareness of homelessness as a growing problem in Snohomish County and elsewhere, especially among families with school-age children.

Students from Lake Stevens included Thomas Bainer, Kody Brooks, Abigail Cormier, Courtney Curdy, Zhayne Curdy, Riley Holme and Taylor Rigelman.

Austin Miner couldn’t attend, but raised about $200 in pledges.


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