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March 26, 2013

Thanks to the community for help in fighting cancer

Dear Editor,

Last Friday our Relay for Life Team held a “Bunco for the Cure” night fundraiser. Over $820 was raised for the American Cancer Society.

We would like to thank all of the participants and our sponsors! Our Lake Steven’s Community and businesses were so generous!

A special thank you to the Lake Stevens Fire Department for providing the venue at their conference center.

Thank you to the following: Ixtapa (Eddie Barajas),Starbucks (Molly),Pet Pros, McDonald’s, Ulta (Everett Mall),Rainy Days Caffe (Lorraine MacDuff),SafewayEspresso Avenue (Suzy Shueller),Scentsy (Margo Reid),Mary Kay Cosmetics (Karyn Hanson),Tastefully Simple (Britta Dionne),I love letterz (Katie Wiser),and Oven Monkey Bakery (Teri Ashgarian).

Thanks again!

April Vanlandingham and Jan Hilton

Lake Stevens

Thank you Lake Stevens Police Department

Dear Editor,

The weekend of March 16 and 17 I did a 12 hour overnight ride along with the Lake Stevens Police Department.

From my personal observations and having a spouse who works in law enforcement, it is my opinion that the armchair quarterbacking by some in the community of our police department has become part of the problem and not part of the solution.

Meeting and getting to know eight officers for the first time, I learned and witnessed the outstanding job these officers do first hand in our community on a daily and nightly basis. I saw so many instances of bravery, kindness and grace in the course of a 12 hour shift.

One of the things I was not prepared for was the numerous times of verbal and emotional abuse directed toward our officers during a regular shift by those with less than honorable intentions.

My encouragement to those in our community is before you criticize and attempt to discourage our officers, take time to thank them, get to know them, and sign-up for a ride along. Lake Stevens has fantastic, dedicated, professional officers serving our community making us safer.

Samuel Low

Lake Stevens

Eyeglass law unfair

Dear Editor,

Thank you Pam Stevens for your article about the “state law” notification that protects us from abusing our eyes and trying to buy an outdated pair of glasses. I too stepped on mine two months ago (had no idea I knocked them on the floor turning off the alarm clock) and am still wearing damaged glasses that are giving me vertigo and headaches due to the poor fit.

But God forbid I should try to replace them with a healthy good fitting pair that would HELP me until I can afford to go for another exam. (Without any vision insurance, I am not going to pay for that when my other bills are behind.)

The state requiring this law should automatically pay for individuals to have a state paid exam in these events!

I am so sick of this kind of foolishness when I see the waste we are spending on other programs and salaries.

Who will make it a law for a free eye exam and expedited replacement pair of damaged glasses? I want to email them.

Thanks for putting your comments out there! I agree with you 200 percent

Karen Mahoney

Lake Stevens


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