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Introducing start safe


April 2, 2013

Ebenezer Preschool students take time to tour the LSF fire truck after their Start Safe class.

Lake Stevens Fire has visited many preschools this year in an effort to teach children about fire safety. This year has been exciting with the introduction of a new program, Start Safe: Fire Safety. Start Safe is a program created by Safe Kids Worldwide, the National Head Start Foundation, and FEMA.

It is designed to teach children ages 3 to 6 and their families about fire safety, and it provides teachers and fire and life safety educators the tools they need to deliver important fire safety information.

Start Safe teaches children how to identify things that are hot and that they should stay away and find a grown-up when they see something unsafe. This program also teaches children what firefighters look like in their safety gear, firefighters are our helpers, and to go to a firefighter in an emergency situation.

Public Educator Jennye Cooper commented, “It is very important at this age that children see what firefighters look like in all of their safe gear. This is how they learn that underneath all the firefighter’s safe gear there is a real person who is always there to help.”

Other extensions of the program include teaching children the importance of fire escape plans with their families and practicing fire drills in the home, stop drop & roll, and crawling low under smoke. In addition to the program, preschools may involve the parents by sending home information about preventing fire and burn injuries.

To schedule a presentation and fire truck visit at your preschool or daycare, please contact Public Educator Jennye Cooper at 425-212-3062.


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