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School board adopts strategic plan, invites community to join advisory committees


April 2, 2013

The Lake Stevens School District Board of Directors adopted the new mission, vision, goals and foundational principals for the new strategic plan on March 27.

Mission Statement: Our students will be contributing members of society and lifelong learners, pursuing their passions and interests in an ever-changing world.

Vision Statement: To inspire a community-wide culture of excellence, growth and achievement, where individuals are supported and challenged, engaged and empowered, and recognized for their unique contributions.

District Goals:

1. Excellence in Teaching & Learning All students and staff are engaged and accountable learners, meeting high expectations through demonstrated growth, in an educational structure that is differentiated, challenging and focused. We provide quality instruction and leadership through consistent, proactive support of our students and staff.

2. Technology EmpoweredOur use of technology will be bold, intentional and accessible. Innovative approaches will be encouraged and embraced and our technology will be intuitive, collaborative and an empowering tool for students, staff and parents. Technology will transform our data systems to be unified, accessible, timely, informative and adaptable, and capable of being tailored to each school, program, class, staff member and student.

3. Thoughtful TransitionsTransitions in our district are planned, focused, collaborative and intentional. Whether transitioning from preschool to kindergarten, into the next grade, building, curriculum or to post-graduation endeavors, we will actively facilitate a path to success for students and staff.

4. Engaged Community We consistently engage with our diverse communities of students, families, staff and the public. We create inclusive partnerships to share our sense of purpose and district goals, invite continuous input and act on the feedback we receive.

Foundational Principles:

1. A School Climate that is safe, welcoming, inviting, culturally-aware and emphasizes mutual respect of people and property.

2. District Communication that is open, transparent, timely and interactive.

3. Financial Stewardship that promotes trust by ensuring the responsive and optimal use of district resources in a manner that is understandable and transparent to all stakeholders, and supports the goals of the district.

Strategies and action steps will be created for each of the four adopted goal areas. Advisory committees are forming for each of the goal areas, and interested staff members, parents and community members are invited to serve on the following committees:

1. Excellence in Teaching and Learning Committee, chaired by Graham Cook, Executive Director of Elementary Teaching and Learning and John Gebert, Executive Director of Secondary Teaching and Learning—This committee will focus on academic programs at the elementary and secondary levels. In addition, three subgroups will be formed to discuss special interest programs as follows:

Early Learning - Highly Capable

Career and Technical Education

2. Technology Empowered Committee, chaired by Robb Stanton, Director of Facilities and Operations—The focus of this committee will be on thoughts and planning around the creation and implementation of a technology plan.

3. Thoughtful Transitions Committee, chaired by Gina Anderson, Executive Director of Assessment and Student Services, and Miriam Tencate, Executive Director of Special Services—The focus of this committee will be on transitions for students from one setting to another and also standardization of communication for parents as their students transition through schools and programs.

4. Engaged Community Committee, chaired by Jayme Taylor, Director of Communications—The focus of this committee will be on engaging parents and the greater community, and how to effectively communicate with our constituency.

Advisory Committee LaunchThe advisory committees will get started on Thursday, April 11 at 6 p.m. in Room A of the Educational Service Center, 12309 22nd St. NE. During this meeting, Superintendent Amy Beth Cook will briefly review the Foundation for Excellence and answer any lingering questions.

Attendees will then break out into individual committees. Each chairperson will describe the scope of work the committee will be doing. Future meeting dates and times will be determined by the committee in order to best fit schedules. This work will likely be completed during the months of April and May. The goal is to have strategies and action steps set for the next three years, beginning next school year.

If you are interested in participating on a committee or subgroup and plan to attend the meeting on April 11, email Jayme Taylor, Director of Communications, at


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