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YOUR LETTERS April 3, 2013


April 2, 2013

Spring for Education breakfast a community success

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Lake Stevens Education Foundation, I would like to thank our community for their generous support of our annual Spring for Education Breakfast to raise money for Innovative Teaching and Learning Grants awarded to teachers throughout our school district.

I'd especially like to thank our sponsors for helping defray the costs, Geoff Stensland and Susan Green with Cheme Solutions, Bob and Kat Patera, REMAX and Task Properties.

I'd also like to thank the Frontier Village Starbucks for donating the coffee service.

We are so fortunate to live in a community where we have an excellent school district and we value education.

Leslie Elsemore

LSEF Board Member

Government should be more efficient, less taxing

Dear Editor,

“We the People” have said before, “No, State Income Tax.” All taxes tax ALL the people. Taxes become operating expenses of business. The business incorporates ALL expenses into prices. So, though you don’t see the tax you’ll see higher prices.

Taxes cause inflation further stymying the economy. Taxes make it harder for business to succeed. Taxes cause unemployment.

All taxes tax the poor. Taxes on business tax the poor more than direct taxes. Taxes add to a business’ cost base, increasing the margin of profit. A $1 Tax on business becomes $1. 20. $1 tax to the poor is just $1.

Our Democrat controlled government plans to implement a ‘New Tax;’ a State Income Tax and host of other ‘NEW’ taxes in addition to the high taxes you already pay! How much will you take? How much can we take? Democrats do not want efficiency and do not want to stop spending your money.

Some taxes are necessary, but where does it end? If government would become efficient, less tax would be needed. Government inefficiency costs us our hard earned money.

Government never stops wanting more. Say, “NO” to New Taxes! Say, “NO!” to ALL taxes to force Government efficiency.

Roger W. Hancock

Auburn, Wash.


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