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YOUR LETTERS | April 17, 2013


April 16, 2013

Save Valley General Hospital

Dear Editor,

Save Valley General Hospital. This is the theme of the hospital levy campaign. Living for 42 years in Monroe, I’ve seen the growth of the hospital and how it’s become an outstanding facility with compassionate employees that care about the patient.

This comes from personal experience as my family and I have been the recipient of quality care there on numerous occasions. It’s my opinion that passing the levy is a must. The potential loss of overnight service and the loss of a level four trauma emergency service would be devastating.

The additional travel time to Providence or Evergreen would mean the difference between life and death in many situations.

Secondly, the cost is minimal. My property taxes are $550 to save my house from a fire which I pay very willingly. The cost to save my life is currently just $32 to the hospital district.

The reason for the small amount of money is that there has not been an increase in the levy rate since 1990 making Valley General taxpayers the lowest in the entire state. With increased levy amount I will still pay less than $100 a year.

I feel this is still the best bargain around. We have enjoyed bargain basement prices for high quality medical services far too long. It’s time to step up to the plate with the increase—still paying less than we should for high quality service.

Vote Yes. Save Valley General Hospital.

George Hieber

Monroe, Wash

Loss of Blue Angels will affect Seafair

Dear Editor,

It seems that the liberals of King County have chopped off their own head.

The Blue Angels who drew a lot of people to King County to spend money at Sea Fair to watch the Blue Angels, have indeed, in voting for this usurper of a president, cut off their heads to spite their faces. As he has cut the budgets of the Blue Angels and Thunderbird’s air shows, so they will cancel all the shows for 2013 and perhaps even 2014. (See report by CNN)

As one of those who sojourned to Seattle through the horrible traffic for years just to watch the Seafair Parade and then back to watch the flyovers and exhibition of the Blue Angels, this will not be a year I will make that journey.

In voting and electing this so-called “leader” of our country, we slowly lose our freedoms and may soon lose our defenses.

But King County will certainly lose a lot of money this year, and so it should.

John Worley

Lake Stevens

Nimitz thanks locals

Dear Editor,

The families of the USS NIMITZ would like to thank the American Legion, Lake Stevens Memorial Post 181 for providing a wonderful Easter Egg Hunt on March 30.

The USS NIMITZ departed that morning for a long deployment, and Karen Morea and her team at the American Legion turned a very sad morning into a fun and exciting afternoon for our children. They brought over 1,100 candy-filled Easter Eggs, gift baskets and toys; no child left the party without a toy and a big smile.

Deployment is an overwhelming time for military families, and we want to express our appreciation to Bud Sperry, Department Commander, Jan Sperry, Karen Wolfe, Aletha Tatge and Karen Morea, as well as the other members who helped behind the scenes, for setting up and coordinating this fantastic event. We are so grateful for the community support!

Julie Ruth

Lake Stevens


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