April 23, 2013 |

SR 92 roundabouts construction awarded to local contractor

Marshbank Construction, located within the City of Lake Stevens, was awarded by Washington State Department of Transportation to perform the design-build construction of the two planned roundabouts on SR 92 at 99th and 113th Avenue NE intersections.

The two roundabouts will be single lane with a landscaping island in the middle. Work will involve widening of the shoulders at the intersection, curbing, storm drainage facilities, paving, and lighting. The projects came in at $2.3 million for 99th Avenue NE and $2.8 million for 113th Avenue NE.

A representative of Marshbank Construction is targeting to start the project in early June and to have both intersections open for traffic before the public schools start in September this year. This is a very aggressive schedule as typically a project of this size would take six months.

During the majority of the construction, traffic on SR 92 and the side roads are expected to remain open to traffic with some limitation on turn movements. During the entire project, all left turn movements from SR 92 and the side roads will be prohibited. This is necessary to quickly and safely construct the roundabouts and to minimize congestion.

There will be some periods where road closures will not be avoidable. It is anticipated that there will be a full five day closure of these intersections when paving is performed. Marshbank Construction will be posting advance warning signs and detours in these situations.

To meet such a short timeline to get the project completed before school begins and to minimize traffic congestion, will require some extended hours of work that will include some night work. While it may not always be possible, Marshbank Construction will attempt to perform most of the high noise generating work during the daylight hours. However, this will not always be possible. During the night work, area lighting will be used.

After August, if all goes well, the roundabouts will be fully functional. The work remaining will be shoulder and finish work and landscaping. These are expected to be performed during daylight hours. Washington State Department of Transportation will be managing the construction for the duration of the construction.

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