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Students create food rainbows with fruits and veggies


April 23, 2013

Red strawberries, orange, yellow and purple carrots, multicolored cauliflower and leafy greens adorned students’ lunch trays on April 16 during the Food and Nutrition Services Department’s “Make a Rainbow at the Salad Bar Today.”

Students were challenged to make a rainbow at the salad bar with at least three different colors on their lunch tray. Those who did received a colored bracelet from high schoolers dressed as fruits and vegetables.

The event is part of the Fresh Food in Schools Project. Lake Stevens School District is one of 19 districts in the state participating in the project with the Washington Sustainable Food and Farming Network. The goal is to strengthen relationships between farmers and schools by encouraging schools to purchase more fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers.

“This was a great opportunity to challenge students to reinforce healthy habits by selecting different colored fruits and veggies,” said Mollie Langum, Food, Nutrition and Health Services Manager.


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