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Grace Academy’s “Mousetrap” a theatrical success


May 14, 2013

Grace Academy performs “The Mousetrap”.

Grace Academy Drama Department’s performance of Agatha Christie’s “The Mousetrap” kept the audience riveted right up until the final scene.

The play opens in the parlor of Mollie and Giles Ralston’s (played by Madison Habersetzer and James Timmerman) newly opened guest house in the London countryside.

The two are very inexperienced at running a guesthouse and are surprised by the peculiar personalities of their guests. As Mrs. Ralston put it, “It seems very hard that all our guests should be either unpleasant or odd.”

As the guests arrive one by one, the audience finds that there is a lot of truth in her statement. The actors believably portrayed the guests as the mentally abnormal Christopher Wren (Tim Stauffer), the caustic Mrs. Boyle (Olivia Ericksen), the observant Major Metcalf (Isaiah VanDam), the secretive Miss Casewell (Gen Anderton), and the unexpected Mr. Paravicini (José Flores). Detective Sergeant Trotter (Josiah Lugg) later arrives to investigate the murder of an unfortunate guest. “These kids are so talented. It’s hard to believe they are only in high school,” said Waynetta Brown.

Under the direction of Mrs. Phyllis Rice, the story came to life with the support of very realistic costumes, an elaborate set, and period background music.

“The hairstyles, the makeup, and the music were all right out of the forties. That’s how it was. I was there,” remarked Helen Foisy. “We worked hard to make our characters really come to life for the audience. Mrs. Rice has taught us well how to develop our characters past the little information that the playwright gives us, to go deeper into the character, and to live the story,” explained Madison Habersetzer.


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