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Year one Alum treatment to L.S.


May 21, 2013

The City of Lake Stevens has contracted with AquaTechnex to perform an alum treatment to Lake Stevens to address phosphorus pollution in the lake. The alum removes phosphorus from the water and holds it in the lake bottom to help prevent algae blooms.

The application is expected to take place between June 3 and 14. If weather permits, the application should only require 4 to 5 days and could be completed within the first week.

The application is being performed under a State Department of Ecology permit and there are no restrictions to the use of the lake during or after the application which includes swimming, fishing, and watercraft usage. During the application, caution signs will be posted at public access locations to notify residents. The signs will remain at least two days following the last application date.

The alum application will be staged from the North Cove Swim beach and possibly at another location to be determined. This is to allow for loading the water crafts with the alum used for the application. Four application boats are expected to be used. During operations at the North Cove swim beach, the park will be closed to the public.

Distribution of the alum into the lake will be performed using a Global Positioning System (GPS) on the boats to help ensure even coverage. Due to the size of the lake, each boat will need to make multiple trips to load and move back into position. To obtain the best results, the application needs to be performed quickly.

To accomplish this, during application AquaTechnex will be allowed to produce wake in the no wake zone of North Cove during all hours of operations.

This is the first step in an on-going process to control the phosphorus condition in the lake. In addition to this treatment, the City, County, and the Snohomish Conservation District will be offering a public outreach program to educate residents on how they can do their part to reduce the excessive inflow of phosphorus into the lake. The outreach will include an Open House on Thursday, June 20, workshops, publications, and classroom presentations.

For more information on the alum treatment contact: Scott Wicken, City of Lake Stevens at

For information on the workshops and outreach events contact: Kate Riley, Snohomish Conservation District,, or 425-335-5634, ext 119.


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