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By Pam Stevens
Managing Editor 

Senior Center dedicates new flag pole


May 28, 2013

American Legion Post 181, Lake Stevens Kiwanis and the City of Lake Stevens Parks Department were all instrumental in the procurement of the new flag pole at the Lake Stevens Senior Center. The pole and the flags were dedicated on Friday, May 24 by American Legion Post 181.

After two long years, the Lake Stevens Senior Center acquired a flagpole of their very own.

Inside of Eagle Ridge Park, just off of Soper Hill Rd ., the newly installed flagpole now stands tall and proud with not only an American flag but also a POW/MIA flag.

This new attraction could not have been possible if it weren’t for the combined efforts of American Legion Post 181, Lake Stevens Kiwanis Club and the City’s Parks Department.

“It was a three-way effort, we all worked on it,” Gary Wolfe, Chaplain for the American Legion Post 181 and Kiwanis Club member said.

Wolfe explained that two years ago the seniors came to a council meeting and asked for three things: lights in the parking lot, a place out back to barbeque and a new flagpole.

Soon the city had installed lights and put down girders for the barbeques, barbeques were installed and all that was needed were flags and a pole to hang them on.

“The Legion came and asked the Kiwanis Board if they could help out,” Legionnaire and Kiwanian Ron McEntire said. “There are many Kiwanis members who are also members of the Legion and the Senior Center, so it really goes hand in hand.”

Some of the seniors had also asked for the special POW/MIA flag to be flown as well. One of their members, Jesse Bratcher, Jr ., passed away last December and he had been a Prisoner Of War when he served in the Marines.

There were several veterans at the dedication on Friday during the Center’s weekly luncheon including Leona West, Eileen Stevenson, Wolfe, McEntire, Don Mulder, Howard Espeseth, Herman Hagglund and Don Wischman.

Wolfe said the dedication prayer asking, “may this flag fly forever at the Lake Stevens Senior Center…by the Grace of God let it fly here after we’re gone.”

After the dedication the dozens of seniors gathered to repeat the Pledge of Allegiance and sing, “Star Spangled Banner,” as Pat Misner played the piano.

“It’s nice that we got to do this today with Memorial Day and Veterans Day so close,” Wolfe said.


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