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Leadership students hold dance for others


June 4, 2013

May 21, 2013 was the day set for a fun and rewarding event.

Each year the Lake Stevens High School (LSHS) Leadership Class puts on a special dance for students with special needs including those enrolled in the Structured Learning Center (i.e. students with severe autism); the more severely impacted students with multiple disabilities; the Life-skills Classroom and students in the Vocational Transition Program.

Although the students from these classes are welcome to participate in all dances and extra-curricular activities as members of LSHS student body, there is often little likelihood they will be able to do so for various justifiable reasons.

Rather than see them miss out entirely, the Leadership students and their advisor, Alisa Arcos, again put on a special dance held in the school gym.

The Leadership students provide the decorations, food, music and plenty of dancing partners for special students of LSHS.

Last year there was a theme to the dance. It was predicated on the idea that the leadership students should have some special recognition for their consideration and thoughtfulness. They deserved a star, as it were, just like Dr. Seuss’ Sneetches. But then, it was realized that the special students should also have stars for the amazing things they do.

Finally, it was decided that “It is not the star, but who we are” that counts. So, the special programs had enough t-shirts printed up so that every participant at the dance could wear one.

This year’s theme again from Dr. Seuss is: “Have I told you how lucky we are.” This time the special students will be transferring the stencils to the t-shirts themselves instead of buying them. The idea behind the theme is of course that the special students are lucky to have the leadership group be their special friends and the leadership group is lucky to be able to use their many talents and skills to bring fun and happiness into the lives of the special students.


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