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Electrical safety for all ages


June 11, 2013

Lake Stevens Fire encourages you to become more aware of common electrical devices in the home in recognition of Electrical Safety Month. The Electrical Safety Foundation International designated May as National Electrical Safety Month, and this year’s theme is Electrical Safety for All Ages.

Although, it may not be a common thought when it comes to fire, electrical failures and shortages are a leading cause of fire across the nation. According to the National Fire Protection Assocation (NFPA), each year electrical failures are a cause of an average of 43,900 home fires, resulting in 438 deaths, 1,430 injuries and $1.47 billion in property damage.

Public Educator Jennye Cooper stated, “Electrical injuries threaten all populations, and it is important to understand the risks of injuries to help keep your family safe.”

Lake Stevens Fire recommends the following safety tips:

• Check and replace all cords, outlets, switches, and appliances for any signs of damage or wear.

• Only use extension cords on a temporary basis.

• Make sure outlets are not overloaded with too many devices. They can overheat and start a fire. Use a surge protector when there are many plugs for one outlet.

• Be aware of warning signs of an electrical problem such as outlets and switches that are warm, or make crackling, sizzling or buzzing sounds.

• Always replace fuses or circuit breakers with the correct size and amperage, and make sure all circuits are labeled correctly.

• Smoke alarms should be installed in each sleeping area, one outside of the sleeping area, and one on each level of the home. Test them once a month, change the batteries at least once a year, and replace the alarm every ten years unless stated otherwise by the manufacturer.

• Have a fire escape plan in case of an emergency and designate an agreed upon meeting place outside, so that you can ensure everyone escaped the house safely.

Lake Stevens Fire currently offers FREE informational home safety surveys and smoke alarm checks. This is FREE while supplies last. If you would like to receive an informational home survey, please call Public Educator Jennye Cooper at 425-334-3034 or visit


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