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June 11, 2013

Thanks to LSPD Officer, vet clinic who helped rescue dog

Dear Editor,

I would like to officially thank Officer Dennis Irwin and two employees at Frontier Village Veterinary office for helping me chase my very frightened, newly adopted Shih Tzu, Sissie, when she backed out of her collar and ran from the door of the clinic towards Highway 9 traffic at 3 p.m. on May 29.

Stacey and Abbi, from the clinic, ran with me to try to save our lovely little new pet.

Sissie ran faster than any of us could run, but, by pure luck, Officer Irwin from Lake Stevens Police Department, saw the dilemma and decided to help.

He put on his police car lights and rushed to the intersection of Highway 9 and Highway 204 to stop traffic.

From what I was told, a stopped truck driver was able to pick the dog up out of the street and gave the dog to the officer.

Sissie was rescued and brought back to the vet office in the back seat of the officer’s car! She was very frightened and shaking, but alive!

I don’t think I could have caught up with her on foot alone.

I appreciate Officer Irwin for doing such an admirable thing by rescuing this scared little pup!

I also appreciate Stacey and Abbi from the vet’s office, who ran fast and hard trying to help me catch this scared little dog.

Thank you to all who stopped your vehicle on a busy Wednesday afternoon.

Lynn Williams

Lake Stevens

Housing Hope holds biggest fundraiser yet

Dear Editor,

Housing Hope held the 13th annual Stone Soup dinner, our largest fundraiser of the year, on May 16 and had phenomenal results.

With the assistance of 60 fantastic table captains, we had the highest attendance in our history (600 guests!) and we were able to NET more than $238,000!

Thanks to the incredible support of our event sponsors, 100 percent of the donations received at the event go directly to supporting homeless and low-income families in Snohomish County.

A very big thank you to premier sponsors: BECU, Boeing, The Everett Clinic and Kirtley-Cole Associates. Thank you also to: Adams & Duncan, Anderson Hunter, Arlington Rotary, Bank of America, Banner Bank, Brent Planning Solutions, Brien Ford, Cascade Coffee, Cascade Lumber, Cascade Skagit Health Alliance, Cascade Valley Health Foundation, CHEF, Coast Real Estate, Coastal Community Bank, Columbia Bank, Dwayne Lane’s, DYKEMAN, Group Health, HUB International, Judd & Black, Kantor Taylor, Lamoureux Real Estate, Lenz Earthworks, MHT Insurance, Molina Healthcare, Moss Adams, Mountain Pacific Bank, National Equity Fund, NorthWest Plus Credit Union, One PacificCoast Bank, Opus Community Foundation, Pacific Crest Savings Bank, Pacific Topsoils, Peoples Bank, PugetWest Construction, Reliant Homes, Rubatino Refuse, SagePoint Financial, Schenk Packing, Sundquist Homes, Union Bank, Vine Street Group, Watson & McDonell, Whidbey Island Bank and Windermere Foundation.

A special thank you also to: Absolut Hair Salon, Balloon Splendor, Everett Floral and StockPot for the in-kind services and donations provided. Thank you to our community for keeping hope alive.

Kelsey Dosen

Special Events & Marketing Manager

Thanks to all those who supported Miss Aquafest

Dear Editor,

On behalf of Aquafest and the 2013 Miss Aquafest Pageant, the board wishes to thank our generous local sponsors including: Ace Hardware, Bourne Orthodontics, City of Lake Stevens, DeLorm Family Dental, Elle Marie Hair Studio, Extreme Pita, Flowers by K, Foster Press, Safeway, Snohomish Valley Roofing, Surf Shack Espresso, Tim Posey of John L. Scott Realty, and Music Director Melanie West.

We appreciate your support!

Linda Elledge, Miss Aquafest Pageant Director and Sue Fernald,

2013 Aquafest President

Large corporations need to pay their fair share

Dear Editor,

Our state Senator Steve Hobbs is one of the co-chairs of the Washington State chapter of the Campaign to Fix the Debt. At first glance, that seems like a noble endeavor. Take a peek behind the curtain to see exactly how and why the Campaign to Fix the Debt operates, and an entirely different story emerges.

The main operator of the campaign is Pete Peterson, a Wall Street mogul whose mission is to get Congress and the White House to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid while continuing to provide tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy. His plan is nowhere near the balance we need.

Microsoft reportedly keeps almost 90 percent of its total cash overseas to avoid U.S. taxes, and Boeing got money back from the IRS last year, paying—1.8 percent in taxes. These Washington based companies are just two of the 95 businesses contributing to the Campaign to Fix the Debt.

A few weeks ago, Senator Hobbs met with a group of 30 constituents and community members who asked him to step down from his position as Washington State co-chair of the Campaign to Fix the Debt. So far, he has refused to do so. Other Campaign members have left under public pressure.

Senator Hobbs has promised us that he supports job creation, he’s dedicated to early learning, and he is a strong advocate for our military. So why then has he thrown all those important issues (and more) under the bus to continue to co-chair the state chapter of the Campaign to Fix the Debt?

When we figure our own kitchen table budgets we have to find a balance between money we bring in and what goes out in order to care for our families. All those “Fix the Debt” corporations raking in huge profits and not paying their fair share of taxes is unbalancing our nation’s budget. Surely there is a better strategy.

Steve Kofahl

Lake Stevens

Drive by shooting affects Lake Stevens

Dear Editor,

We were disappointed to see that the article about the drive-by shooting of Molly Conley was on page 8. Considering this incident made national news and the article indicated other drive by shootings in the area, the article deserved front page billing in the paper.

Not only to remember Molly for her family and friends but also to inform the general population of other possible crimes like this.

Curtis and Annette Green

Lake Stevens


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