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YOUR LETTERS 6-19-2013


June 18, 2013

The LSHS Class of 2013 would like to thank all of their supporters

Dear Editor.

Throughout the last 2012-2013 school year there have been many wonderful local businesses, community members, families, students and much more that have graciously gave their continued support of the LSHS Class of 2013.

They helped us raise all the monies needed for our 2013 Senior Grad Night party. We were able to provide our graduates with a safe, drug and alcohol free place to celebrate all their time together. As well as give out multiple scholarships for graduates to attend that otherwise might not have been able to.

Please stop in and continue to help support these fantastic businesses within our community and those outside as well, we absolutely could not have done it without them.

Our awesome businesses are Grad Night, Purple & Gold, Bourne Orthodontics, Ink It Your Way, Rainy Days Caffé, Gourmet Cup Espresso, Oven Monkey Bakery, Surf Shack Espresso, Starbucks, Steve the Barber, Judd & Black, Sahara Pizza, Subway, Extreme Pita, Flirt, Janet Yvonne’s Salon, McDonald’s, Blazing Onion, Safeway, Albertson’s, Haggen, Target, Everett AquaSox, Galaxy Theaters, Regal Cinemas, AMC Theaters, Olive Garden, IHOP, Red Robin, Marysville-Ford, Lake Stevens Athletic Club, Marysville Indoor Sports, Inn at Port Gardner, Hawaiian General Store, Scuttle Butt Restaurant & Brewery, Posh Salon & Spa, The Picture Lady, Bridges Pets, YMCA, Camaloch Golf Course, Trader Joe’s, Fineline Fixture & Case, Auntie Teka’s, All Smiles Dentistry, Doodlebug Sportz, Aussue Pet Mobile, Animal Milestones, Dog Snorz, Tailored Pet Services LLC, D’Maries Boutique, Bella Dolche Salon and Spa, Naturally Chiropractic, Big O Tires, Ivars, Lake Stevens Fire, Everett Reign Women’s Football, Washington Stealth, Justin Kraemer Photography, Pilchuck Rentals, Team Fitness, MPAC Dance, Norm’s, Lake Stevens Rowing Club (LSRC), O’Reilly Auto Parts, Hawkeyes, Aurora Printing, D’Marie’s Doggie Boutique, Luca’s, Designer Studio, Lake Stevens K9 Academy, Woodland Park Zoo, Lake Stevens Police Department, Dr. Miles Neff, DDS, My Favorite Things, Annie’s Quilt Studio, Papa’s Mexican Grill, New Country Grill, Troop 42390, Lake Volleyball Club, LSHS Swimming Pool and LSHS.

As a community we look forward to the many wonderful years of our LSHS graduates and what the future holds for them all!

LSHS Class of 2013

Grad Night Graduates/Parents

Just a reminder of how to use a roundabout

Dear Editor,

There is only one thing to remember, if there is a car coming toward you from the left (that’s the drivers side), let them go before you, they have the right of way.

If there is room between cars coming from the left, you can go, don’t hold up traffic. The purpose of the roundabout is to keep traffic flowing smoothly.

For all traffic coming from the right (that’s the passenger side of the car) you have the right of way, they have to wait for you to go.

Shirley Keltner

Lake Stevens

Can we avoid a future drive-by shooting

Dear Editor,

What a shame! Another life lost. The shooting of the young girl walking along South Lake Stevens Road is a tragedy. Is there any way it could have been avoided?

Probably not, but then again, I found myself wondering if those young people had been walking on a sidewalk or wide shoulder, would the shooter not have felt compelled to open fire? When the City of Lake Stevens began annexing the surrounding areas, their mandate from the community was to give top priority to building sidewalks for our youth.

The area where the incident occurred has absolutely no shoulder, and yet we, as drivers, often have to cross the centerline to avoid hitting walkers. It’s a dangerous area for those on foot. Even if that is not the cause for this tragedy, I hope the city administration will give priority to solving this issue before another tragedy occurs.

Lorna Hole

Lake Stevens


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