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YOUR LETTERS June 26, 2013


June 25, 2013

Community made Molly’s March a success

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank the Lake Stevens community for coming together for the “March for Molly Conley” event on June 17.

The turnout, compassionate words and volunteers were amazing and proved what a wonderful and supportive community we live in.

I’d like to thank the Lake Stevens Police Department for their support as well as vehicle and pedestrian traffic control. A special thank you to Safeway in Frontier Village for the donation of 15 yellow balloons and to Joe Neverkewitz, owner of Spirit World Liquor Store, for providing cold water for all of the participants.

Many of us were brought to tears by the beautiful display for Molly at the one mile mark. I’d like to thank four very sweet, little girls for creating such a touching display with their moms. Thank you Avery Wolf, Sarah Carpenter, Mikayla and Bella Doupe.

Thank you also for the donations for the two reward funds that are growing. Monetary donations can be made at any Chase Bank Branch under “Lake Stevens Community Outreach” created by Joe Neverkewitz. Joe has committed to ensuring a reward fund balance of a minimum of $25,000.

You may also donate at any Wells Fargo Bank under “Molly Conley” through Lake Stevens American Legion and Crime Stoppers.

Thank you, Lake Stevens!

Monika Kristofferson

Lake Stevens


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