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City's swim beach dock getting face lift


July 23, 2013

The dock at the City’s swim beach was given a much needed face lift as well as adding to the life of the dock through the generous donation of two local businesses: Lake Stevens Sherwin-Williams and Already Painting.

The dock was getting old and in need of some attention to prolong the decking’s life. Both businesses approached the City and proposed to perform a resurfacing with an environmentally friendly coating that revives the wood dock, provides a slip resistant surface, and allowed a custom color.

Sherwin-Williams donated the product and Already Painting donated the labor and equipment for the application of the product. The City is always concerned with painting over the water but was pleased to learn that the product was specifically designed for this application and is considered safe for marine environments.

Mayor Vern Little said, “This is a very generous gift to the Lake Stevens community and one that will be enjoyed by the many people that use this dock. We are fortunate to have these two companies take an interest in our city and thank them for this outstanding donation. The dock looks great.”


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