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YOUR LETTERS July, 31 2013


July 30, 2013

Differing opinion on large corporations

Dear Editor,

As one would expect, Don Brunell is singing the praises of corporations such as Monsanto and Dupont – without naming them, I note. Also, as expected he only gives one side of this significant story. As Paul Harvey would have said, “Here’s the rest of the story.”

Monsanto did not develop Frankenseeds in order to feed hungry people, but only so they could make lots of money. They did not genetically select qualities to make crops more nutritious or more productive but only to make them more resistant to Roundup herbicide a Monsanto product. By doing so and patenting both modified seeds and herbicide, it meant farmers would need to buy both new seeds and Roundup each new cropping year.

Small farmers in countries as distant as Mexico and India have over past centuries by carefully observing and selecting the best of their crops developed their own seeds which fit their particular soil types and weather patterns and have fed multitudes for this long time.

Monsanto in its corporate arrogance planned to destroy this practice. As a result, farmers of smallholdings in India who were enticed into trying the new seeds found they could not afford the Dupont fertilizer needed by the modified seeds nor the extra water they demanded.

Their crops failed and a surge in suicides by small landholders resulted, with grieving and needy families left behind.

In Mexico, much of the same thing happened and farms which had been producing under the loving care of families for centuries were abandoned as their tillers fled north to an unwelcoming USA to work in our fields and factories. Farmers who had proudly tilled the land were reduced in California and Florida to little more than poorly paid peons in order to stay alive.

The fact that Monsanto has actually sued farmers who attempted to save the Frankenseeds for a crop the next year tells us where their true interests lie!

Benita Helseth

Lake Stevens

Aquafest a huge success

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank the Aquafest Board and site managers for the great teamwork this year on putting on the 2013 Aquafest.

With their help and the great support of our Event chairs, Aquafest is always a great success.

The people of Lake Stevens also are willing to step up and help us wherever needed and the city and surrounding areas always look forward for Aquafest every year for a weekend of fun and sun.

A special thanks to the Foster family for all of their hard work in the last few weeks and Vern Foster would be proud of of all of them.

Sue Fernalld

Aquafest 2013 President


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