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The chicken is back – just in time for Homecoming


September 10, 2013

After 20 years the infamous Lake Stevens Chicken is finally back in the hands of one of the town’s native sons, Shane McDaniel.

The new owner of the historical bird says it will proudly go on display at his store, Norm’s Market Keg and Bottleshop on Lundeen Parkway.

McDaniel plans on making a historical plaque with pictures along with some of the names of people who have stolen the chicken and placed it on the roof of the High School and water tower for homecoming, a tradition that spanned at least 20 years dating back to 1969 when it sat atop the old Hilltop Drive-in in Frontier Village.

Norm’s Market has become famous statewide for its amazing beer selection — now it’ll also be known for The Chicken.

“This statue has great historical significance to the alumni of this town,” said McDaniel. “It is not an impostor; it is the original,” McDaniel added, citing a copy of the bird somewhere in town that his estranged brother owns.


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