September 10, 2013 |

Remembering September 11

I was lying in bed cuddling with my two-year-old little girl when I received a phone call from a friend. She was frantic asking me if I’d seen the television that morning.

I said no and flipped on the TV. Of course every channel was covering the news of two planes crashing into the Twin Towers in New York City and a plane that crashed into the Pentagon in Washington D.C.

A little later newscasters came on telling their audience about the last plane which had gone down in a field in Pennsylvania.

I’m sure each of you remembers where you were on that dreaded day 12 years ago when terrorists took over planes in our country and killed thousands of people on U.S. soil.

I’m sure that we all remember hearing that every plane in the United States and most in other countries around the world had been grounded to ensure that no other terrorists had planes in their possession, decreasing the risk of more lives lost.

For weeks and even months, we heard stories of families who had lost loved ones in these attacks. Movies and televisions shows were created that reminded us of what our country endured on that beautiful September day.

As a country we moved forward. Those living in New York City took a little longer to recover. They are still waiting for the new tower to be completed. But their skyline will never be the same.

We have been at war ever since and I know that my children, as well as most in the public school system right now, can’t remember a time when America was not at war.

Hearing of lives lost overseas in not uncommon in our children’s world, which is so sad when I think of it.

I grew up with no war. When people I knew joined the military I never worried they were going to have to go to war and may even be killed. The same is not true for my children.

September 11 brings back many memories for us as a country and as individuals, most filled with sadness or even fear of what could have happened and what still could.

I just hope that we can all take a minute to stop and reflect on how our country came together in those hours of need. How we all stepped up and hugged each other, supported each other and clung to each other as we mourned the loss of so many lives that day.

If nothing else, September 11, 2001 should remind us that we are all in this together and that we are the strongest nation on earth. We should be proud to be Americans!

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