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By Ronnie Mcbrayer
Contributing Writer 

Fan the flame


October 8, 2013

Even a one hour weather delay couldn’t stop Seattle Seahawk fans from breaking the Guinness World record for loudest stadium. As our team played victoriously against the San Francisco 49ers on September 15 cheers reached a decibel reading of 131.9 and proved to the nation that the 12th man is definitely a factor in football!

Fans are not only important in games, they are also important in life. People who surround themselves with encouraging friends often achieve more than those being influenced by criticism or naysayers. It is wise to choose zappers, not sappers.

Perhaps that is why the Bible uses “fan” not as a noun, but a verb. 2 Timothy 1:6a states, “For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God which is in you.” Breathing life into one another with our words is biblical. When we uplift friends and family in their endeavors to serve God we are following His commands.

Not all people have the natural gift of exhortation but there are simple ways ALL can exhort. Sometime just the act of listening can encourage those sharing their ideas and goals. A teacher’s simple thumbs up to a student may be just what’s needed to finish an assignment. A parent’s quick word of praise may be the message necessary for their child’s improvement. A friend’s text or call might make the difference in their day. Kindness isn’t difficult but it does require a conscious effort.

Christians are not required to be loud fans, just faithful. “Fair weather fans” may be found in sports, but in the game of life we are called to encourage and cheer through rough plays as well. Christ is the greatest example, consistently there through His Holy Spirit to build up believers. Spending time with Him is the game plan. His role should never be from the sidelines. As we take our positions daily His words of encouragement should be heard loud and clear!


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