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Naval Station Everett to Exercise Emergency Response Oct. 9


October 8, 2013

Naval Station Everett will be conducting a base security exercise on Wednesday, Oct. 9. As a result, base access will be restricted between 8 a.m. and noon.

As part of the exercise, base fire and medical personnel will practice responding to a simulated emergency situation. The exercise will include use of blank automatic weapon rounds to increase training realism. No live ammunition will be used.

The purpose of the exercise is to maintain and improve qualifications of personnel charged with protecting the installation and naval vessels. Such training is designed for emergency personnel to practice coordinated responses and improve readiness prior to an actual emergency or disaster. Naval Station Everett is committed to coordinating with local community authorities in order to assist in response and recovery operations in times of crisis.

For more information, contact Naval Station Everett Public Affairs Officer at (425)304-3202.

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