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YOUR LETTERS | October 16, 2013


October 15, 2013

Country needs job bill to help economy grow

Dear Editor,

I address Don Brunell of AWB and Todd Welch of Lake Stevens. Both ignore the Tea Party’s agenda to shut down the Affordable Care Act—while shutting down the whole government. These radical Republicans have been planning for months to do this. Now that the healthcare law is in effect they are not sure what to do without feeling “disrespected.”

Millions without health insurance are signing up for coverage. A “red” state like Arizona, whose governor is no friend of President Obama, has made way for ACA exchanges.

Why? Because hospitals want the pressure lifted from their emergency rooms so that people (with new insurance) can be treated well before they end up there. And everyone—insurance, medical providers, businesses, and the working poor, as well as children—will benefit.

Are there problems with this law? Then work for improvements. Please come together for all our American people.

If we have rising deficits, remember that good jobs will improve that situation far more quickly and better than so-called “entitlement” cuts. We all need effective government, not small government.

Please pass some jobs bills that get our people to work. They are desperate for that legislation. Don’t lay off more government workers, please!

Eugene Marckx

Lake Stevens

Tageant best choice for L.S. City Council

Dear Editor,

I am writing to formally endorse Marcus Tageant to serve another four years for the Lake Stevens City Council, Position 7.

He steered a steady course, considered public input and uniformly recommended policies that supported multiple uses.

Throughout his term, Marcus unerringly found a way to discern and elevate the greatest public benefit above single-issue agendas.

Marcus’ experience in business, marketing and the real estate market has been a valuable resource as the city institutes plans for economic development. This knowledge of demographics, taxation policies, and his understanding of capital projects and budgeting with proprietary funds makes him well qualified for the important strategic planning process of the City Council.

Marcus Tageant’s number one priority has been public safety, he is a champion of increasing the amount of officers on our streets and ensure they have the tools and training needed to perform their jobs.

We need Marcus on the City Council and everyone’s support will be appreciated.

Todd Welch

Lake Stevens City Council Pos. 4


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