October 31, 2013 |

Be prepared to vote on initiatives

Below are explanations provided by Washington Policy Center of two initiatives that will be on your ballot, which you should have received.

Initiative Measure No. 517 would change Washington’s Initiative and Referendum process. This initiative would increase the time period for gathering signatures, require that proposals with enough valid signatures proceed to the ballot, change the penalties for interfering with signature gathering and increase the number of locations, both public and private, where signature gathering can occur. Read more in WPC’s Citizens’ Guide to Initiative 517.

Initiative Measure No. 522 would require some food “produced using genetic engineering” be labeled. After failing in California in 2012, our state has become the next political battleground in the debate about biotechnology used to enhance food crops, commonly called GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).Read more in WPC’s Citizens’ Guide to Initiative 522.

Visit washingtonpolicy.org/myelectionresource today for more information.

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