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Highway and construction updates


October 31, 2013

*SR 9 16-hour closure this weekend*

Another big milestone will be reached this weekend on the SR 9 widening project [ ], but drivers should be prepared for a 16-hour closure. From 8 p.m. Saturday to noon Sunday, contractor crews will close both directions of SR 9 from 176th Street Southeast to 188th Street Southeast and both directions of 180th Street Southeast from Snohomish Avenue to 83rd Avenue Southeast. During that time, they will install a 164-foot-long signal bridge across 180th Street. The structure will eventually hold dozens of new traffic lights and signs. Drivers can access local businesses and homes during the closure but won’t be able to pass through the intersection. Through-drivers will follow a signed detour [ ].

To get the signal bridge in place, two large cranes will lift the span at either end and hold it in place while crews secure it to existing foundations. It will span the highway diagonally between the northwest and southeast corners. Each approach to the intersection will feature two left-turn lanes, a right-turn-only lane, U-turn capability and through lanes.

We know, it seems like the work on SR 9 is never-ending. For an excellent breakdown of the challenges this project presents and what’s next, check out this new blog post [ ].

*Oh weather, why won’t you place nice?*

The cold and damp weather continues to wreak havoc on our construction work and so while I’d like to tell you exactly when things will happen, nature makes that tough. Final striping work on I-5 in Lynnwood/Mountlake Terrace and on SR 9 and paving/striping work on SR 531 in Arlington and continues to be unpredictable. We still have scheduled closures on all those projects next week but your best bet is to check our Snohomish County Construction Update Report [ ] and What’s Happening Now [ ] to stay up-to-date on closures. And remember, Daylight Saving Time ends at 2 a.m. Sunday so be sure to set your clocks back an hour when you go nighty night on Saturday.

*Hey stud, November 1 is your day*

With a cold front expected to bring snow to the Cascades this weekend – potentially dropping the snow level to 3,000 feet – it’s helpful to know that studded tires become legal on Friday, Nov. 1 and can be used until March 31. If you’re headed into the mountains, you should carry chains as studded tires alone don’t meet the chain requirement unless the vehicle is four- or all-wheel drive. Please remember studded tires wear down pavement, lead to safety issues and increase roadway and maintenance preservation costs so please consider your travel destinations. In our state often a good all-season traction tire and a set of chains do the trick. You can get more information about studded tires here [ ].

*Reminder: Additional comment period for I-90 tolling proposal ends Nov. 6*

Thanks to all of those who attended our public meetings last week in Seattle and Mercer Island. If you haven’t had a chance yet to provide your feedback on the proposal to toll I-90 [ ] and potential alternatives [ ], you can still send your comments to through Wednesday, Nov. 6. Check out our blog [ ] to learn more about the project and how your feedback will help shape our study.


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