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L.S. needs to be a place for strong values, education


October 31, 2013

Dear Editor,

I am so grateful to live in the great neighborhood of Lake Stevens and I hope that our town becomes the most educational town to live and to raise our children.

I believe that education must be based upon proper principles and schools must be a place for more than academic education, but must also have strong moral philosophy and principles. Students should be able to learn to realize what is right and wrong and that through doing what is right, gain strength from it.

We all know how hard it is to be a teacher. We love their educational professionalism and wisdom, also dedication, responsibility and high moral and ethical standard. We hope our children learn teacher’s wisdom over their knowledge. That’s why teachers deserve absolute respect from everyone.

Our expectation to the schools is very high because we know that a group of great teachers create a great educational environment and system.(Showing good things to see, tell good things to listen to, rise to great righteous person who able to think and make good decisions).

A school mascot is so important to tell educational goals and vision. I was surprised that Vikings and Pirates are the most famous school mascots in the US.

I see dual standards and error on educational philosophy and principles.

In my mind, pirates are selfish, greedy, cowardly thieves, that children really could learn nothing positive from.

I have heard of children admiring the “Courage” of pirates. But what pirates have ever fought for the good of people or for justice and righteousness?

We should re-evaluate our education of courage. The true courage we need to teach our children comes from respect, thoughtfulness, honesty, righteousness and loyalty.

I would rather give students a better inspiration than let them just learn from mistakes.

I hope we give our children real heroes who can inspire them for life. Like firefighters who ran into the World Trade Center to save other people or teachers who cover the children with their own body at school shootings.

I want to start a signature-seeking campaign that 1) Rids of Pirates, as mascots, from our public schools and 2) Give children better role model or hero.

Please contact me at or 425-334-4500.

Master Tiger Dong Shin

Lake Stevens


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