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Progressive indicates direction-but which?


Dear Editor,

Todd Welch’s latest commentary on Pres. Obama shows he’s not in sync with how government works in the US, these days.

Sure, Senator Obama may have called Pres. Bush “unpatriotic” for adding $4 million to the debt ceiling only to add 50 percent more when it was his turn at bat.

But hey, with a liberal agenda, that was bound to be excused by “enlightened” Americans and the League of Illegal Alien Voter’s.

The president waves the word “progressive” like a flag. But then, he IS at the forefront of legalizing perverse behavior, bowing deepest to foreign dictators, vilifying the tool that won and has preserved America, and giving billions of taxpayer dollars annually to win friends in corrupt and murderous governments. That’s progressive all right. But is the direction beneficial to our country and values?

The problem with claiming the word “progressive” for your cause—insinuating that those who don’t think like you are dullards—is that the left has never stated exactly what they believe “progressive” connotes; actually they don’t have a consensus, either!

Sadly, most of my associates can’t—or won’t—separate garden variety Democrats from the malignancy that for years has been wrapped around the spinal column of that party.

Wouldn’t it be great if our leaders would admit our nation is philosophically more divided than in the midst of the Civil War? Fact is: our country is starved for legislators who think more with their heads than their hearts.

I love quoting our first liberal president. The opposition doesn’t like those quotes; but refuse to deny them. They just stand and seethe. That’s good for their circulation, I suppose. 

“He who knows nothing [a dullard] is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.”—Thomas Jefferson

Bill Cook

Lake Stevens


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