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By Pam Stevens
Managing Editor 

Sergeant White demoted after finding fake city identification card


After being a police officer for 20 years, Sergeant Pat White, 46, was suspended without pay for two weeks in August and demoted to patrol officer after city officials discovered an identification card he had stating that he was the police chief. Officials also found the chief's hat badge inside White's patrol car. White stated he does not know how the badge got there. The fake ID had the city's hologram seal on it.

White returned to duty in September and is appealing the disciplinary actions taken against him. Investigators never found evidence that White has used the identification card for any illegal activity.

The city brought in Stillaguamish and Mountlake Terrace police departments to do the official investigation. The public records state that they believe that White may have committed forgery. The report also stated that White failed to complete almost half of his reports and had been found to be dishonest and insubordinate.

White told investigators that the identification card was used as "a kind of fun thing" but also stated that he told some people that he needed the card because he occasionally had to serve as the acting police chief.

According to the report, White ignored orders from Granite Falls Police Chief Dennis Taylor. One of those instances occurred when Taylor asked White to bring back his patrol car while he was on leave.

The case has not been forwarded to prosecutors, however, information regarding White's conduct was forwarded to the Snohomish County prosecutors office over concern regarding his ability to be able to serve as a potential witness in cases he may be involved in. This is a common practice.

On August 22, Mayor Haroon Saleem wrote a letter to White stating that the officer's explanation regarding the identification card, "did not serve to exonerate you."

Saleem also stated that making the card was "extremely poor judgment" and may even be considered "criminal forgery".


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