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Frustration abounds in Washington, D.C.


Dear Editor,

As President Obama attempts to impose his signature legislation, Health Care on the nation, he continues to direct our country in a failing economy and failing foreign policy by making decisions exhibiting his lack of honesty, leadership abilities, experience, common sense and maturity.

While many of his Cabinet Department’s are under investigation for either criminal activity or administrative misconduct, Obama now nominates a totally unqualified individual to lead the Department of Homeland Security.

The Department of Homeland Security is the third largest department in the President’s Cabinet. DHS includes twenty-two agencies, including, Boarder Patrol, USCG, Customs, INS, FEMA, Secret Service, TSA and many other important agencies. DHS has a budget of sixty billion dollars, employs two hundred and forty thousand employees and is charged with the task of one of the government’s key agencies to protect our nation. Nominee Jeh C. Johnson’s bio includes his work as a private attorney and an attorney within the government in various political appointments.

Johnson is also listed as a personal friend of Obama, political campaign contributor, confident and served on Obama’s transition team.

Nowhere in Johnson’s bio does it list any experience at leading, directing or supervising anything except directing his personal money to the Obama campaign.

This appointment is like appointing Emit Kelly to be CEO of Ringling Brother’s because he was a great clown.

The Senate should finally do its job, not approve Johnson and demand a qualified candidate is presented to them for appointment to DHS.

Jim Tagart



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