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Winter Vehicle Preparedness


While winter in western Washington is typically pretty mild, it is likely that you will face some type of severe winter weather at some time.  Rains and wind are the common conditions for our area and snow and extreme cold weather less frequently. 

During this time of the year, one of the primary concerns is the weather’s ability to knock out heat, power, communications, and travel.  So being prepared for these unscheduled events can help you and your family to be a little safer and more comfortable. 

At your home, it is likely that you already have most of the important items such as flashlights and batteries, blankets, warm clothing, food, and water.  However, with most people traveling during winter weather, this is often overlooked. 

A winter storm condition while in your vehicle, can become a very critical situation if you get stuck in your vehicle for a prolonged period. 

So an easy solution, be prepared for the winter weather before it strikes. 

If you are traveling on a urban main roadway, at a minimum you should carry a cell phone, flash light, warm clothes, winter type shoes, and water. 

Other items that should be included, especially if you are traveling some less traveled roads or in rural areas, are blankets, first aid kit, extra batteries, food, moist Towelettes, garbage bags, a small shovel, chains, and a whistle.   

If you have a pet traveling with you, pet food, possibly warm clothing, and waste bags. 

Hopefully you will never be in an emergency situation, however being prepared can help make a bad situation somewhat better and could save a life.


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