November 20, 2013 | Vol.53 N.46

New Access Ramps

This summer the City had removed existing sidewalk access ramps and installed new ramps. 

This has raised some questions to why this was performed.   

This is part of a federal American with Disability Act (ADA) requirement when certain types of road improvements are performed. 

In this specific case, the City was performing asphalt resurfacing which falls under this ADA requirement.   

Under the ADA guidelines, each ramp must meet strict standards.  When they do not, they must be replaced with new ramps that meet the current ADA standards.   

The standards include slope of the ramp, detection pads, and edge protection (curbing front and back in some cases).  

 A question frequently asked is about the new relocation of the ramp at the Post Office why it doesn’t align with the crosswalk. 

The old ramp at the Post Office could not meet ADA compliance in its original position. 

Moving it to the current location could meet ADA standards.  Since the entire area along the frontage of the Post Office is a No Park area, a travel way on the pavement will be designated. 

This delineation will be marked off once the final overlay is completed.

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