November 20, 2013 | Vol.53 N.46

Local student performs in CWU Nanawatai

Central Washington University's Central Theatre Ensemble presented two productions that are grounded in the struggles in war-torn Afghanistan, told from very different viewpoints, by award-winning playwright William Mastrosimone.

In these finely nuanced pieces, the spiritual toll on an individual's humanity forms the crux of the plays' tragic resolutions.

Lake Stevens' own Nathaniel 'Hiko' Addison, a 2013 alumnus of Lake Stevens High School, played the part of Iskandar in Central Washington University's Central Theatre Ensemble production of Nanawatai.

Addision is currently a freshman at CWU studying Japanese education in the World Languages department. He has appeared in Alice and Grease at Lake Stevens High, and Shrek the Musical at the Village Theatre Kidstage in Everett. His parents are Larry and Tsukimi Addison.

Nanawatai follows the struggle of a Soviet tank crew commanded by a tyrannical officer during the 1980's invasion of Afghanistan. The crew is separated from its unit and pursued through the mountains by a band of Mujahadeen.

The play, which was the basis of the cult film classic, The Beast, explores how ingrained cultural norms are betrayed by the brutal realities of war.

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