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Recipe for giving – Stretch 1,040 pounds of candy to benefit four times the people


After ten years, the Bourne Orthodontics Candy Buy-Back program finished 2013 with great success.

This year, over one thousand pounds of trick or treating delights were dropped off by cavity saving kids from around the area.

In Dr. Bourne's eyes, this program is a four-fold success:

The kids get $2 per pound they bring in.

Less candy consumed by kids equals less cavities, broken braces and sugar highs.

$2 per pound is donated by Bourne Orthodontics to multiple charities: This year $2,080 was given to the Boys & Girls Club of Lake Stevens and Marysville YMCA.

The candy is donated to many great organizations as listed below.

Since its inception, the Bourne Orthodontics Halloween Candy-Buy Back has donated just shy of 9,000 pounds of candy and over $17,000 to community organizations!

A large portion of the candy will be sent to our troops serving overseas, after being sorted and packaged by Arlington local Mary Welsh.

They are fortunate enough this year to be able to donate the candy to other service groups as well.

Christian Ministries in Africa plans to take some of the candy with them on their next trips to Nairobi and Haiti to give small amounts to the local children, while providing HIV/AIDS education to the Kenyan people. Another portion of the candy will be used by Heartbeat: Serving Wounded Warriors and put in the Christmas stockings of 1,000 wounded servicemen and women at the VA hospital as well as hospitals at Fort Lewis.

The last portion of candy will be sent to Marysville Food Bank.


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