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Thanks for honoring local veterans


Dear Editor,

I am Darlene Chafin, niece of Arnold Chafin and daughter of Donald Chafin. 

I wanted to say thank you for the recent article on my Uncle Arnold Chafin.   He is the last of the five Chafin brothers still living.   It was such an honor to see the picture of  my dad and his four brothers and to read the great article on my Uncle Arnold, my dad’s twin brother.  

His personality shined through in that article and I was so impressed!  

Thank you again for such a beautiful article.   I am so happy that he was interviewed and honored for his service.   It was definitely well deserved!  It was a great article to read.  You did a wonderful job with the story and I wanted to say, thank you!  

When Arnold called me and told me he was going to have an interview in the paper, I must confess, I did an internet search for the Lake Stevens Journal.  

I opened the site and there was the article and a picture of the five Chafin brothers! I almost cried when I saw it!  Uncle Arnold  sent me several copies of the paper, but I just couldn’t wait to receive them! I am so proud of my special Uncle!

There weren’t many families in our area (Ohio) that had all five of their sons in WWII at the same time.   Thankfully, all five brothers came home from the war and lived full lives.  My grandparents proudly displayed the five star flag in their window for years.  

My dad, Donald enlisted in the U. S. Navy when he was 17 years old.   A child by my standards.   I asked my dad why before he passed, and he said  he wanted to serve his country.  I remember him telling me that both his parents had to sign for him to join the Navy at that age.  He said Mom, my Grandma Gertrude Chafin, cried all the way there and all the way back home, but she did sign the papers. 

I cannot imagine what she went through with all five of her sons in the service at the same time.   Unfortunately, as a child, I didn’t really get to talk to her about it.   My grandpa didn’t seem to be much of a worrier, but I’m sure he did.

My dad, Donald, was always proud of his service to his country.  He instilled in me an appreciation for all veterans.  I try to pass that on daily to any Veteran I pass on the street by thanking them for their service to our country. 

 This article is a great way to remind all Americans what our veterans mean to us all.  

Thank you Pam for honoring my Uncle Arnold!   He is very special to me and definitely deserves to be honored!    I pray daily that he reaches his goal of living to be 100!   I can’t wait to see that interview on TV!

 A proud American, daughter and niece.

Darlene Chafin

Middletown, Ohio


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