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Community helps support resident in need


Dear Editor,

I recently hosted a benefit dinner for a lovely family in Lake Stevens. Christina Wilkerson is a single mother of three. Chaun is at Cavelero, Ethen is at LSMS, and Jessica is at Skyline.

Recently, the family has been dealt with some heavy medical issues with Christina suffering from a brain tumor on her optical nerve and Ethen suffering from sleep apnea and other health issues.

The dinner was held at Nacho Restaurant on Monday, November 25.

Fifteen percent of proceeds generated that day and evening was given to the family. A check for $180 was signed by the owner, Nacho  Ponce.

Other generous donations from Dr. Nicole Morin of Naturally Chiropractic at $75 and Mr. and Mrs. John Edwards for $100. A cash donation of $170 was also collected that evening to give to Christina personally. The checks were deposited into an interest bearing account at BECU.

With many doctors appointments approaching, the Wilkersons needed some hefty auto repair on their only vehicle.

More donations will be forwarded by out of state relatives, and the public is welcome to give as well.

This benefit dinner has introduced me to some very caring neighbors who are committed to keeping Lake Stevens a good place to live.

I applaud the way the locals here band together and I look forward to being here for the long haul.

Feeling blessed to be a part of the Lake community,

Ramona Orr

Lake Stevens


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