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A carbon tax for a stronger economy


Dear Editor,

Lake Stevens is a caring community that comes together to help a family facing serious difficulties.  (Letter Dec 3, 2013). It is a town that protects public health and welfare with emergency preparedness plans. (City adopts a Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan Nov 26, 2013). The best emergency plan is prevention. 

The fuels that people have been using for the past century are now threatening our society with terrible extreme weather events like floods, wildfires and droughts.

Most experts agree that we can reduce the risk of more and more weather disasters by changing to new forms of energy.

More jobs would be created, also, and more profits. We could create energy at home, sell more export products, and enjoy the dropping prices of electricity from solar and wind which is already less expensive than conventional electricity in many areas.

Yet we depend on fossil fuels, oil, coal and natural gas. Is there a way to make that transition to using mostly solar, wind, geothermal, and electric vehicles without disrupting our economy?

Many economists are recommending a tax on fossil fuels that increases gradually, and returns revenue to households either directly, or through reduction in sales or business taxes. Then the free market and consumer choice would help reduce pollution and strengthen our economy.  

British Columbia has a carbon tax and support for it has increased as people make money as they reduce their carbon emissions. We deserve the same opportunity.


Louise Stonington

Seattle, Citizens Climate Lobby


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