December 11, 2013 | Vol.53 N.49

Rattling the American economy

Dear Editor,

Headlines last week included warnings to Americans crossing the China Sea and talk of China and the United States “saber rattling.” This week, U.S. Jets in the region are said to be on “high alert.”

As a country with the moral, military and financial power to step across oceans to save millions from German and Japanese expansion and subjugation, it’s easy to see how the foolish and politically immature might lose track of the fact we have allowed ourselves to slip from our position as the unquestioned leader of the free, and not-so-free, world.

Over the last few decades we have decimated all three powers; our military might by pretending we’ll never again need it—even as we sacrifice youthful lives by dribs and drabs, as often as not, to keep peace between two factions that have been warring for generations and have no desire to stop.

Then too, when President Clinton couldn’t persuade the governing authority to give missile guidance technology to China, he removed it from their stewardship and placed it under an agency with fewer scruples about their allegiance to the United States. Thus, the Chinese now have that technology— technology that had cost the American taxpayer billions and gave OUR forces a military edge.

It should be understood China could put enough “boots on the ground” to crush our forces with sticks and stones, if necessary! So before the administration’s braggadocio kills more of our children, it might be wise to pay the Chinese the $1.3 TRILLION we owe them, return American interests to American soil, and stop the sacrosanct from buying foreign adoration with the sweat of American workers.

“Saber rattling?” Get real—before China cuts off our supply of . . . everything!


 William Cook

Lake Stevens

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