January 15, 2014 | Vol.54 N.3

LSHS graduate shares speaking talents, wins awards

It seems that many people really start to figure out who they are once they leave High School and get out on their own. While 2011 Lake Stevens High School graduate Marlene Pierce enjoyed her time at LSHS being part of the drama club, she really found her strength as a debater once she got into college at Northwest University in Kirkland.

“I graduated from LSHS in 2011 and did not debate there. I did however, do a lot of theater and performance work with the Drama Club there,” Pierce said.

She was also the president of the local thespian society and club here in Lake Stevens as well.

“Both of these things contributed greatly to my success in debate. Judges often remark how I have a unique style and I attribute this to my past theater and improv experience,” she said. 

Pierce, a sophomore at Northwest, just made the finals at Seattle’s debate tournament in the open division. Last year, as a freshman, she won in the novice division.

“Over the course of three semesters she has won a tournament, made seven final rounds and gotten a plethora of speaker awards, meaning she was in the top 10 speakers of the tournament,” Pierce’s sister Jamie said.

There will be anywhere from 68 to over 120 people in each tournament.

“This is phenomenal for a small town girl and she is quickly becoming a regional super power in her circuit. I know she attributes a lot of her success to her drama background from LSHS,” Jamie said.

Pierce not only competes against teams in the United States, she also competes with students from all over the world.

Pierce also attended a prison Toastmasters group and has traveled to Toronto for a tournament and has competed with the Irish National team.

Pierce and her teammates will soon be going up against China’s top debate team in a tournament to be held in Portland, Ore.

Debate and improv are not the only talents this past Viking has found as she enters the adult world. She is also a Senator on the student council, an active member of a local improv troupe, assistant editor and chief of Talon Magazine and a dean’s list scholar.

“In short she is one of the most fascinating people I have ever met and inspires me that I can do great things,” her sister Jamie Pierce said.

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