January 15, 2014 | Vol.54 N.3

LSPD teaches gun safety for Risk Watch

Have you talked to your child about what to do if they find a gun or ammunition? Lake Stevens Police School Resource Officers Barnes and Carter visited local elementary schools to discuss gun safety for Risk Watch, an injury prevention program that has been implemented in the local schools for 15 years.

Officers Barnes and Carter discussed issues that may come up to educate children on how to properly handle a situation if they were to find a gun. The following rules were discussed:

• If a gun is found, leave it where it's at and don't touch it.

• Tell an adult right away if a gun or ammunition is found.

• Never play with a gun or ammunition because both are very dangerous.

Lake Stevens Fire Public Educator Jennye Cooper commented, "Gun issues are something we hope never comes up with children and families, but as part of the Risk Watch Program, we find it to be a crucial part of the program to prevent tragedies from occurring."

Lake Stevens Fire, Lake Stevens Police, and Everett Community College Nursing Program have been partnering to teach Risk Watch for several years. Each year Risk Watch addresses the following topics: Fire Prevention, Choking Prevention, Gun Safety, Falls Prevention, Poison Prevention, Motor Vehicle Safety, Bike/Pedestrian Safety, and Water Safety. These are the eight leading causes of unintentional injuries and death to children under 14 years old.

If you have questions about the Risk Watch Program or would like to implement it in your classroom, please call Lake Stevens Fire Public Educator Jennye Cooper at 425-334-3034.

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