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Have you ever wondered?


Dear Editor,

I was in the Lake Stevens Safeway on Monday, Jan. 6 about 12:30 p.m. I had only four items so I went to the checkout line that has a sign over it that reads, ‘15 Items or Less.’

There were only three checkstands open in the store. Two regular ones and the one with the 15 item limit.

Because the other checkstands had four or more people in line I chose the 15 item checkstand. Now normally I’m not one to complain about anything anywhere.

There were two ladies in front of me. One lady had 37 items, the next lady had 25 items. The woman behind me had a cart that was full from top to bottom, including two cases of soda on the bottom rack.

When it was my turn I asked the checker if she ever asked people with more than 15 items to use another checkstand. She told me they are not allowed to, that customers can but employees can’t.

I just finished a letter to Safeway suggesting they take the signs down. I am hoping for a response.

Joe Ashhead

Lake Stevens


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