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By Dennis Taylor
Interim Commander LSPD 

LSPD wants to hear from community; surveys provided to receive input


The Lake Stevens Police Department and the community we serve must reach consensus on the values that guide the police department. Those values, while implicit in our Constitution, must balance as much as possible, the protection of individual life and liberty, and, simultaneously, the practices necessary to maintain a peaceful and enduring society.

Two premises underlie our method to policing. One is that the Lake Stevens Police Department, by virtue of the authority that society vests in us, has the primary responsibility for the outcome of encounters with the citizens in our community.

The second and main premise is that good policing must take into consideration two equally important factors: the values on which we operate, as well as the practices we follow.

In addition to adopting a set of values, it is equally important that the Lake Stevens Police Department clearly and publicly state those values. This sets forth our philosophy of policing and our commitment to high standards for all to know and understand. To be significant, these values must be known to all members of the community as well as all members of the police department.

Additionally, our stated values must incorporate community expectations. Our policies and procedures are developed from our values. Without clear values, it is unlikely that our policies, procedures and practices will be as well focused or effective as they should.

Only when sound values, mutual respect, and trust are shared can the police-community partnership work as it should. To accomplish this, we must be familiar not only with our own culture, but with the community culture as well.

We believe the ever changing job of law enforcement is only fulfilled when our philosophy, values, policies and practices are centered on the needs of the community we serve.

With respect to our philosophy of service, our primary focus is the community; collaborating with concerned and responsible citizens in an effort to realize the standard of living ideal for peaceful and enduring society.

Serving our community, however, is more than just a philosophy; it is the cooperation, relationship and attitude toward problem solving and investing in the present and future, in partnership with our community.

Understanding the perceptions and needs of our community is critical toward building and maintaining the trust and confidence of our citizens, and advancing our philosophy of service.

In order to gather and analyze the necessary information from our community, the Lake Stevens Police Department has designed two on-line surveys aimed at enhancing police services.

The Community Satisfaction Survey and the Crimes and Conditions Affecting the Lake Stevens Community Survey are extensions of the Lake Stevens Police Department’s Strategic Plan and are intended to capture citizen perceptions of overall agency performance as well as solicit recommendations for service improvement.

The surveys focus on follow-up interaction with police officers and departmental staff and the community’s perception of crime and personal safety.

The public may participate in the anonymous surveys via the links below. With the public’s input, the department can better perform its mission of maintaining public safety and partnering with the community.

Crimes and Conditions Affecting the Lake Stevens Community Survey

Community Satisfaction Survey

Please help us improve our practices and priorities by taking a few minutes to complete the surveys. Only through your valued opinion, and those of your neighbors, can we fully understand the progress we have made and identify the issues we need to further address. With your cooperation, we will also be able to better prioritize services and allocate our limited resources.

“The Lake Stevens Police Department conducts community surveys in order to improve services to our community. We continually strive to provide the best possible law enforcement services to all those who work in, live in or visit Lake Stevens. Your valuable input will assist in evaluating and improving these services,” said Interim Police Chief Dan Lorentzen.


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