January 29, 2014 | Vol.54 N.5

Keeping the world healthy needs to be a priority

Dear Editor,

Excellent editorial about battling the pandemics of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.  (‘Fighting malaria, TB and AIDS/HIV is a global and local issue’ by Pam Stevens, Lake Stevens Journal, January 8, 2014) 

It truly is both “a global and a local issue.”  Editorials like this will help win this war against these plagues of mankind.  When elected officials become aware that supporting the Global Fund is important, they take action. 

Conquering these diseases will also help bring peace and prosperity to the planet.  Acting at this time will not only save billions of dollars in the future, but save millions of lives as well.  And since these diseases know no boundaries, some of the lives saved will be American. 

Kudos for adding your voice to this important work. 

Willie Dickerson


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