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The country's grant money should be used for its citizens first


Dear Editor,

As the 2014 Washington State Legislative session began the Democratic controlled House immediately voted 71-23 to pass the “Dream Act”, which allows illegal immigrants to be eligible for state funded financial aid for college. The “Dream Act” is designed to make us feel good but what does it say about our priorities towards college?

Currently there are over 32,000 legal residents of Washington State who are eligible for financial aide but there is not enough funding to fill these needs and the Democrats want to add even more to the list and they aren’t legal residents of the country.

While the Democrats are pushing for illegal immigrants to receive financial aid for college, they refused last session to vote on a bill that would give military veterans, no matter how long they lived in the state, in-state tuition rates. I am perplexed by the priorities of Democrats who turn their backs on veterans and our neighbors who want to send their children to college, but instead want to give all the benefits to people who came to our country illegally.

We all feel for immigrants that want to better their education but we only have so many resources and it is fine to look out for our own. We cannot let ourselves be made to feel bad that we want our children to achieve and that our veterans want to be educated to get great jobs once they leave the military service.

Granting financial aid to illegal immigrants discriminates against qualified citizen students, it also encourages more illegal immigration to Washington State.

We need to ensure that we are not encouraging illegal activity and promote the educational success of our children. The Democrats are pushing this radical agenda to build a voting pool, versus doing what is right for the citizens that they were sent to Olympia to represent.


Todd Welch

Lake Stevens


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