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By Lisa Finley
The Fathers House 

The 12th Man


Seattle Seahawk fans have had one of their greatest seasons ever watching their team perform exceptionally well on their road to the Super Bowl! The Pacific Northwest has exploded with pride, donning team shirts and hats, brandishing themselves with Hawk haircuts and nails and covering themselves, their homes, their workplaces and even their entire towns with a sea of green and blue. There may be eleven men on the field but cheering fans fully understand their impact on the game.

I have personally enjoyed Seahawk postings on Facebook and my kindergarteners all decked out in team attire as our school honored our team with a special Seahawk Day! My husband enjoys watching Coach Carroll on the news, wearing his Hawk jersey, sitting underneath his Russell Wilson poster, as he glances outside to see our 12th man flag flying proudly!

Looking at our earth it would seem that God is a Seahawk fan also. Furthermore, the number 12 is one of His favorites. For instance the New Jerusalem in Revelation is described with 12 gates with 12 angels at them, and names written on them of the 12 tribes of Israel. The city has 12 foundations and on them are the names of the 12 apostles. Its measurements are 12,000 furlongs long, 12,000 furlongs wide and 12,000 furlongs high! There are 12 precious stones to adorn the wall. The tree of life produces 12 fruits. Check it out in Revelations 21-22.

Christ chose 12 men to disciple and to change the world. A dynamic dozen! One of them, Judas, chose to hang himself after betraying Jesus. The disciples replaced him with Matthias. However, as Christians we are all called to be that 12th disciple. Jesus knew the importance of choosing a strong team. His last words resembled a coach giving an offensive call - to go and make more disciples! He also realized the importance of defense. We are commanded to defend the truth of the scriptures.

Any sports fan knows the significance of team members playing their positions. In our lives we need to fulfill our roles by walking out our faith with love and grace where we are placed in life. Whatever position society ranks our role, all spots are critical to God's kingdom. There are no fair weather fans; we are ALL IN! So let's be loud and proud as we proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.


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