February 5, 2014 | Vol.54 N.6

Ballots mailed for Feb. 11 school levy and bond elections

More than 380,000 ballots will appear in voters’ mailboxes this week for the Feb. 11 school levy and bond elections.  Voters in all school districts except the Arlington, Index and Stanwood school districts will receive ballots. 

Voters are encouraged to read and follow the ballot instructions, sign their ballot envelope and return their ballot as soon as practical.  These steps will ensure that ballots are counted without issue or delay.

Voters who choose to return their voted ballot through the mail must ensure that it is postmarked no later than Feb. 11.  Voters may return their voted ballot postage-free to any of the 11, 24-hour ballot drop-box locations in Snohomish County. 

Ballots can be deposited at these locations until 8 p.m. on Election Day, Feb. 11, though voters are encouraged to return their ballot as soon as practical to avoid potentially long wait times at drop boxes.

The 24-hour drop box in Lake Stevens is near the city boat launch at 1800 Main St.

Voters can find more information on the insert delivered with each ballot or online at www.snoco.org/elections. 

Snohomish County Elections may be reached at 425-388-3444.

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