February 12, 2014 | Vol.54 N.7

AdvoCare - a lifestyle, not a fad diet

AdvoCare, a national health and wellness company, is rising in popularity in Snohomish County offering energy, weight-loss, nutrition, and sports performance products.

The 24-Day Challenge is the company's most popular product that features a 10-day cleanse that rids the body of toxins, and then the next 14 days that restarts your metabolism so you have energy while controlling appetite as you lose weight.

Snohomish based Sherri Casarez said she needed to make a change in her life because she had no energy, was not in good health, and depressed. She lost 30 pounds in 14 weeks after starting her 24-Day Challenge. "It's changed my life, it's broken bad habits, it's given me hope."

She also attributes her success to the team she's on that is a 24/7 support group, has personal coaching, and a team cookbook created by the team, so you have a wealth of food and recipes to choose from.

Contact Casarez at www.advosherri.com to learn more and to see how you get started on your goals.

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