February 12, 2014 | Vol.54 N.7

New bistro opens in the city of Lake Stevens

Lindsay Herschlip spent her summers in Lake Stevens as a child and loved the community and the lake. She has had a dream of opening up a restaurant and a vision of what that would look like. Lake Stevens seemed to be the place to fulfill those ideas.

"My brother and I grew up in Mukilteo and spent a lot of time here during the summer playing on the lake, our families live here now so we are very familiar with the area.  It has a beautiful landscape and is a close-knit community," Herchlip said. "When we were imagining the type of restaurant we wanted, the image of guests gathering around a home kitchen counter, socializing, enjoying themselves as the host prepares the meal came to mind.  That is our aim at LJ's, to offer a home away from home.  Lake Stevens was the perfect place."

Herschlip attended the Seattle Culinary Institute and has used her cooking skills in Mexico and New York. She has cooked in the Pacific Northwest throughout her life.

"My brother, who is my business partner, is the former General Manager at Ace's Casino in Arlington and the current General Manager of the Buzz Inn Steakhouses.  We are from a restaurant family, and both have worked in the restaurant industry our entire lives," she explained. 

LJ's Bistro is located at 805 Frontage Rd. in Lake Stevens, the old O'Reilly's Bar. They serve American cuisine and are open at 3 p.m. to midnight.

"We focus on fresh, flavorful, sustainably sourced products.  Flavor wise, our food is inspired by Mediterranean tastes; particularly Eastern Mediterranean spices and sauces," Herschlip said. "We are excited to cater to any allergies or dietary restrictions, although its not listed on the menu, we have many gluten free options, dairy free options, etc."

They offer a happy hour menu with $3, $5 and $7 food options and drink specials.  

"We want people to know how genuinely excited we are to be a part of the Lake Stevens community, and to expand on those relationships.  We take a lot of pride in the quality of our food and our service.  We really aim to be the place that you want to come to celebrate whether that be an intimate date night, a social gathering, a birthday, anniversary, or just a night to enjoy great food and drinks," she said. "We are here to cater to you and all of your life's occasions."

You can drop by or call LJ's Bistro at 425-334-0604.

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